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Being a HIV/ AIDS patient is not a sin.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

 As December 1st is " World AIDS Day" I would like to show you two sides of a similar topic. It is a news from a Malayalam news paper. The incident took place in a developing country India. There presently also the people with AIDS are treated as animals. They even avoid them, show hatredness and even forbid the education of the children of the AIDS patient. Such an educated, democratic country it is shameful that treating a group of people who got a disease with or without their knowledge. There is always a misunderstanding among the people that, those who are having the disease are used to do sex with a lot of people and thus they got the disease. But in reality most of the cases are reported as transmission of blood, unhealthy injecting methods etc. Some of them are getting it from their parents too.
The news above is about a man with AIDS. Only because of that the family put him in a room. Tied his legs with iron chains. Locked the grills from outside. They used to give food by throwing. As we treat street dogs. They continued it for two years!! What will be the condition of that man. As we all know an AIDS patient should maintain healthy diet, environment, cleanliness as it is not a disease but a cluster of different syndromes. It just reduce the immunity and the other diseases will attack the patient. So if they provide good food, water and all, there may be an improvement in that man. But instead when he was released he is almost at the boarder of madness.
So you may thing that if the people of a developing country like India are doing such things, what will be the condition of people of poor country.
 Let me tell you whats up there. It is in Nigeria. There is a matrimonial website for those who are suffering from HIV/AIDS. The project is controlled by three people, that is Dr.Saidu Ahamed Dumbulwa (Project coordinator), Mr. Martius Ememblems(field manager and head of councelling, REACH project) and Asamu Ibrahim Maifada (website coordiantor).
The aims and objectives for setting up HIV/AIDS MATRIMONIAL WEBSITE are iterated below

1. The goal of the project is to provide a way of making PLWHA’S (PeopleLivingWithHIV/AIDS) live comfortable and attaining to their desired social needs

2. To educate computer literate populace on HIV/AIDS(on- line HIV/AIDS counselling)

The Objectives are:    

1. Control of spread of HIV infection and caring for PLWHA’S (Strategy to prevention for computer literate)

2. Provide march-making program to solve the problem of denial to marriage and to found family among people living with HIV/AIDS

3. Provide information, raise awareness, and stimulate discussion on HIV/AIDS

4. Provide new pattern of HIV/AIDS Counselling (online), that will be beneficial to the busy working class Nigerians

So controversial is not it? In some part the people treating AIDS as a sin and at the same time another people they seen it as a disease and try to cure it by treating them equal and helping them to rise in the society.
Let me tell all  my people that 90 % of the HIV patients suffering AIDS not because of their mistake. So please try to treat them like one among us. Being diseased is not a sin. But being diseased heart and mind is a sin.

Let me conclude the topic with the captions given in the matrimonial,
" Being HIV positive is not the end of the world. You can still have a happy married life"


When your high heel shoes start biting your heel..!!

Suppose you purchased a pair of shoes and wore it. If your heel of the foot is significantly higher than the toes, then it is High heeled shoes/ footwear.
According to the high-fashion shoe websites like Jimmy Choo and Gucci  a "low heel" is considered less than 2.5" (6 centimeters), while heels between 2.5" and 3.5" (8.5 centimeters) are considered as ' mid heels' and anything over that is considered as "high heels".
As all knew that the high heels will give the ladies a different appearance, personality and sometime help to seek attention from a crowd. But you should know that along with these they attracts some diseases to the wearer. 

Usually those who wear two inch heels (or higher) five or more days a week shrinks a womens calf muscle fibers by 13%, on average. It also thickens the Achilles tendon which joins the calf muscle to the heel by 22%. When you wear a high heel, the distance between heel and calf muscle will increase. There is a stretch in the muscles as well as the tendon and create a tension. The design of the high heels make you to stand in such a way that all your body weight will concentrate on the ball of your foot and toes, thus damage the underlying soft tissues.
It will also cause Blisters, Corns, Hammer toes, Bunions (hallux valgus), Morton's neuroma, which are permanent and require surgery to alleviate the pain. The improper constructing of the toe box can damage one's foot. It will even cause the back pain. The last problem is that you can easily break your ankles once you fall from that.
There some solutions also to solve the problems. 
1. The first one is to avoid long steps. That is when you make a short step, it will reduce the chance of pulling of muscles. 
2. The second one is to change the height of your heel, two day in a row. So that the muscle will not experience the same tension for a long period. It will help to prevent the damage of the tendons and the muscles.
3. The last method is to shift, support and stretch. That is if you are wearing high heel shoes continuously for a long period (like a long function) you try to shift the weight to both of the feet. Stand with one leg bent and change the position through out the period. At the end of that day stretch out calves, hamstrings and lower backs.
You can even use some high heeled shoes with cushioning. It will protect your joints.

So before you start to use high heeled footwear, think once.. Sometimes your favorite footwear may start biting your foot and health.  

Courtesy: CNN,, Wikipedia


A Lab Human in an animal kingdom- A fairy tale..!!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

It is just a story. All the characters are imaginary.
Yesterday I saw a man running with fear. He was so tired and exhausted. I asked him why he was running. Then he started telling the story. He is from the planet earth. Once a group of scientists from another planet "animal kingdom" caught a group of young male and female human beings and taken to their territory for doing some scientific experiments. He explained that in that planet there is an organization called as human ethical committee. They are the one who give the permission to do experiments on humans.The first day they put all the humans in separate cages and provided food and water. Each week they analyzed the weight, blood tests etc. Once they started the experiments, the conditions become worst. These animal scientists they are so cruel that sometimes they do experiments without giving anesthesia. They usually do some experiments in that even the life of the human may lose. You know the interesting thing is that whenever the number decreases they mixes the male and female in a single cage and induce breeding. The worst part is they use these infants also for some diseases which can be transfer from parent to offspring. If somebody argue that these experiments should be banned., they are telling the excuse that they only breed these humans so they have the right to kill them.
The man explained the conditions in the lab. In some applied research they mutate some genes in human and will cause severe diseases and they try to cure it. They inject viruses and bacteria. Some times they even block the blood flow to the brain. Another experiment called Xenotransplantation in which they try to transfer organs from different species to the human. He tells that some of his companions were died due to this dangerous method. Some of them are suffered serious injuries. The worst part was the toxicology testing. The peculiarity of these experiments are the human never given with anesthesia. They are directly given with some pesticides and other poisonous chemicals. He is telling that the humans will die second by second because of this slow poisoning.
The cruelty of these animal scientists did not finish yet. 
They put ultraviolet rays on the skin of these poor humans so that they can study about mutagenecity. Most of them got skin cancer. A lot of them died. To study behavior they fit metal clips on the either side of the head and provide low and high voltage shocks. An infant just after his birth was removed from his mother and left alone with his eyelids sewn shut, and a sonar sensor on his head, as part of an experiment to test sensory substitution devices for blind animals. Humans had undergone surgery to induce a stroke, and were left alone after the procedure for 15 hours overnight. Researchers had trained the humans to perform certain tasks before inflicting brain damage and re-testing them. The humans were only given food and water for two hours a day, to encourage them to perform the tasks. Some humans to their head some metal cylinders are screwed by these scientists. Some are left without giving proper attention or pain killers after a surgery for several hours. Even in some cases, eye balls are removed and kept them in the cages as such. In some human-testing center, making humans dance in time to blaring pop music, handling them roughly, and screaming at them. The humans were kept isolated in small wire cages with little or no natural light, no environmental enrichment, and high noise levels from staff shouting and playing the radio. All these are taking place infront of the authority. But the animal scientists are telling that only animals feel pain and the humans never feel pain as they are unconscious in nature. But the fact is that even if we inject or make a wound on the human, he / she will suffer the same pain as the animals feel. But the whole animal scientists believe that they have the right to kill humans as they are the one who breed them and invest a lot of grants on them. 

NOTE: It is estimated that every year approximately 50 to 100 million vertebrate animals are used for the experimental studies. Estimate mice and rats used in US alone are almost 80 million every year. Most of them are sacrificed after the experiments.


I fell in love with aerobics..!!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Recently I joined in an aerobics training. What I will say about that. An awesome experience. We will feel uncomfortable while doing some nasty exercises daily. But I found that this one is particularly designed in such a way that every day we will have a quest for doing that. The first thing is we are just maintaining the body pace or rhythm along with music. We just feel we are just enjoying a music and performing a dance. But the thing is we are going through different phases of exercises. Everyday we will feel the freshness. Night we will get a good sleep. We can easily identify the energy flow throughout our body.
An aerobics we can defined as a physical exercise that combines rhythmic  aerobic exercise with stretching and strength training routines with the goal of improving all elements of fitness (flexibility, muscular strength and cardio-vascular fitness). Usually it performs with music and in groups. 
Aerobic means "with oxygen", that is with the use of oxygen in the body's metabolic or energy generating process. During this glycogen will convert into glucose and it will react with Oxygen and form carbon dioxide and water by a process called Krebs cycle.
Now a days it takes more attention from the public that it is one of the best way to improve our health. You can maintain your body weight and flexibility. Other than this it will strengthen the respiratory muscles, so that the lung capacity will have an increase. And also it will strengthen and enlarge the heart muscles and there will be an increase in the blood pumping and circulation. It will reduce blood pressure and heart beat during a relaxed condition. There will be a tremendous increase in the red blood cells and so the transport of oxygen. 
Other than the physical fitness it will improve our mental health. It will reduce stress and lower the incidence of depression.
Some diseases like diabetes, osteoporosis can be controlled by this. It will also stimulate the bone growth.

There are different kinds of Aerobics 

Low impact aerobics
There exist people, who can't perform high intensity workout, because maybe they have some health problems or their poor health conditions. For such people, low impact aerobics is the precise workout choice. Low impact aerobic exercise comprehends rhythmic movements, with exercising of the large muscle groups.

Water aerobics

Water aerobic exercises are an agreeable way to exercise over the hot summers. Maybe the work out can seem like one splashing surrounding the pool waters, yet those who are seriously into water aerobic exercise claim it's an excellent method to burn out unwanted flab from the body and build inner strength. In effect, health experts declare that the water aerobic exercise is good for people ailing from arthritis and other problems many times.

Step aerobics

This kind of exercise is a newer version and interesting technique of aerobics. Conventional aerobics are practiced on the floor: you discover a series of dance steps such as the Pony or the Jazz Square, which are often done in four, two steps taking you in one direction, two more taking you the other direction.

Dance aerobics 

Aerobic dance integrates exercise and dance movements into routines that are practiced with the music. Many dance ways are used, including ballet, jazz, and disco. Aerobic dance classes integrate fat-burning aerobics with develop of the muscle and stretching exercises. There is no jumping around in low-impact aerobic dance. Your foot is on the ground all times. This kind of aerobic is slower and it is simpler to do than intermediate and advanced classes.

Sports aerobics

Sport Aerobics is a hard and competitive sport that has a singular connection of aerobic choreography and gymnastics elements. This sport generate a chance for adolescents, and adult individuals to compete in a sport that demands less risk than gymnastics while keeping the artistic quality and fun of aerobics. 

So if somebody asks me which is the best way to maintain our body health, I will definitely prefer to tell Aerobics. Once you start to do it, you will really feel the difference. So let us make a try..?, Wikipedia.

How a simple brushing with a toothpaste can add an effect on Obesity induced Type 2 diabetes?

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Recently I read three articles, and when I linked them each other then I found it as interesting. The articles are,
a) Antibacterial components in the toothpaste.
b) Gut bacteria and their role in the absorption of undigested food materials in the gut.
c) Obesity induced Type 2 diabetes.
The first thing I noticed is, all the three topics are related with digestion, digestive tract and the gut.
Let me start with the topics first. Then I can summarize the three into a single point.
So here we are,
Toothpaste:  The common toothpastes we are using contain different kinds of chemicals like surfactants and anti bacterial agents. These chemicals are mainly used to remove the harmful bacteria so that the decay of the tooth can be prevented. There are a group of antibacterial agents present in the toothpaste. Stannous fluoride, Sodium monofluorophosphate, Hydrated silica, Polyethylene glycol, Polypropylene glycol, Sodium bicarbonate, Triclosan, Titanium dioxide are some of the examples. The combined action of these chemicals will prevent the activity of the bacteria in the mouth.
Gut bacteria: About 1000 trillion gut bacteria are present in the human gut. Most of them are needed for the digestion as well as absorption of different food forms. These microorganisms produce certain enzymes which is absent in the human body and so essential for the digestion of starch, fiber, oligosaccharides, and complex sugars. Almost 10% of the total gut microflora is consisted with a group of bacteria named Methanobrevibacter smithii, which ferment the complex sugar into simple absorptive molecules. If they are absent or less in number, the undigested carbohydrates and fats will not get absorbed by the body. That will result in Lactose tolerance, amylase deficiency, glucose-galactose malabsorption, sucrase-isosucrase deficiency.
Obesity induced Type 2 diabetes: Obesity is a medical condition in which excess body fat has accumulated to the extent that it may have an adverse effect on our health. Whenever in our body there is excess amount of sugar comes it will convert into stored fat. That is one of the cause of the Obesity. So as much as food digest and absorb in the gut will increase the amount of sugar and which will leads to excess fat deposition. Obesity can hinder the ability of the tissues throughout the body to respond properly to insulin. Such insulin resistance is a harbinger of a serious disease, Type 2 diabetes.
Summary: As usual this may be another foolish thinking from me.Once you brush your teeth using a toothpaste, a minute quantity of these chemicals will persist in our mouth even you had a perfect mouth wash. So once you drink or eat something just after the brushing, these chemicals will enter into the gut. As it is persistent in nature they will accumulate there for a long period. So everyday there will be an accumulation of these chemicals. As they have antibacterial effects that will start damaging the gut microflora. Once it start showing effect, there will be a reduction in the gut microflora. Especially bacteria like M.smithii. Which will lower the digestion of complex sugars and fat molecules into simple glucose/ energy forms. Then there will be a reduction in the excess glucose/ sugar molecules in the body. It will lowers the chance of forming stored fat in the body and will lower the complication of Obesity. Once the fat deposition stops, there will not be any hindrance for the insulin receptors. So there is a less chance of Obesity induced type 2 diabetes. 


Whenever you throw a piece of food, a child is dying somewhere with hunger..a forgotten crisis.

Monday, November 22, 2010

I do not know whether today's topic you will mind. But let me tell you one thing. Its a story about two children from two different countries. One from a poor country (A) and one from one of the richest country(B). Both of them will narrate a topic. So I think this is the best time to start.
"A" says: 
I am a native from Somalia. I live in a refuge camp with my family. In my camp almost 350 families (approx. 2000 people) are living. You can not find a single family that eats more than once a day. Like this a lot of camps are there in my country. More than three million Somalis- roughly half of the country population are facing a food crisis. Up to 70% of the rural population are threatened by shortage of food. About 36% of children are underweight, with one in six is suffering from acute malnutrition, according to the United Nation Children Fund (UNICEF). Every year UNICEF they provide 4,200,00 tones(1tones=2200 pounds) food to the total country as a rescue mission. That is one of the reason of our existence in this earth.
B says:
I am an American. I like ice creams especially Vanilla flavor. If I do not like I will throw it. I used to take three burgers, even though I can eat single. Rest I will leave it. I am so proud to say about wasting the food. This is not only me but also the whole country who waste too much food items. Recently US Department of Agriculture's Economic research Service did a study on food wastage in my country. About 96 billion pounds(100 pounds= 45 kg), or more than a quarter of the 356 billion pounds of edible food available for human conception in United States, was lost to human use by food retailer, consumers and food service establishments. It include 16 billion pounds of milk and 14 billion pounds of grain. So I can tell you that each year almost one fifth of America's food, with an estimate 130 pounds per person ending up in land fills. This is the beautiful story of mine.
I think you read the two stories. Did you realize something. A poor country suffering from a food crisis. On the other hand a rich country simply dump the food every year. I am not criticizes America but this is a common trend seen in all developed and developing countries. According to the study done by World Hunger Education Society, in our world almost 925 million people are suffering hunger. But the pathetic side is in a single year America alone wastes a huge amount of edible food with that we could have been fed 49 million people. In UK "8.3 million tones" of food is thrown by the house holds.The point is a country like Somalia needs only 420000 tones of food to wipe out the hunger of the entire population. So what I have to suggest is it is not the problem of the country but the problem of a citizen in the country. We may have lots of money, extra food, dress, house. Wasting of food may not affect you in anyway. But just think about the situation. In the same world some people are dying with hunger and here you are searching for your favorite flavor. If you waste 100 gm food one day will not make a difference. But if all people in your country waste 100 gm then will it make a big difference? 
So there we are. Please try to reduce the wastage of food. You take whatever you want. But make sure that you do not waste a single drop of food. Think together and act together to wipe out the food wastage and through that the hunger.


Oh my baby eat eat can earn 50 % more salary in future than your poor friends..!!!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

My dear friends today I have a nice stuff for you. Do you think, as much as you eat in your childhood can increase your wages? Most of you will laugh and think that what a concept it is. Even I too think once I started reading the paper. But unfortunately I forced to agree with this statement. Actually it is a paper published in a British Journal, THE LANCET. It is based on a study among the Guatemalan males. It took three decades (30 years) to complete the research work. It shows it was not a funny work. Rather its a result of hardships by a group of scientists.
The study shows that giving babies nutritious food could increase their earning power as adults. In 1970s they selected some new born babies for the work. They separated them into two groups. They fed one group with high nutritious food. Another group was given with less nutritious food. This feeding long upto three years. Then they stopped feeding and waited for a long period to attain the feed back. After 30 years they studied the present status of those babies (turned to adults). They got an amazing result. Those who had been well fed soon after they were born earned almost 50% more than those who had not. The scientist suggested that to increase economic growth of a person as well as a country we should well feed the children.
But my dear mothers by reading this you do not try to increase your baby's future salary into a 100% increase. Because for earning you need your baby to be alive. So feed your baby normally with a healthy diet. As all know if you have a healthy body and mind the wealth will come automatically. Anyway I felt the study is an interesting one and I think it has a social relevance that all government should have a glance at those who are dying by hunger. Just feed them NOT TO INCREASE THE SALARY BUT TO KEEP THEM this earth. Because they have the equal right to leave like others.


Do as much as French Kiss you can.Protect your baby from congenital birth defects!!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

I think this will be pretty interesting to the viewers. Recently I read an article on French Kiss. Actually I read it not because it is on French kiss, but the way he presented it. Before I talk about the topic I am going to give a general Idea about our mouth. We all know our mouth contain a lot of microorganisms especially bacteria. If you go for a survey will get a shock. Around 500- 1000 different species of bacteria are present in our mouth. Now you will think that everyday I am brushing my teeth twice. Let me tell you one thing, Those who care for their teeth and have relatively clean mouth have 1000 to 100,000 bacteria living on each tooth. Those who do not have a clean mouth have between 500 million to 1 billion bacteria on each tooth. So as you think if you do a mouth to mouth kiss there is 100 % chance of transferring these bacteria from one to another. Let me tell you one thing these bacteria include both harmful and harmless species. Those who are harmful definitely cause oral diseases.
Other than bacteria there is a chance of virus attack too. Virus need some medium to activate itself. They will be always in an inactive state until it get a medium to get a threshold. So at times mouth act as a better surface for their activities.
So the viruses as well as bacteria can be spread through saliva or a mouth to mouth kiss.
For example flu virus, cold virus, periodontal diseases (Porphyromonas gingivalis), venereal diseases, Candida albicans can spread even through sharing a food stuff, cigarette, glass of water etc. There is disease Mononucleosis known among teenagers commonly called as "Kissing disease" due to the saliva exchange. So all these points are suggesting that a French kiss is not good for our hygiene.
But what I read is like touching the nose indirectly. The author himself know French kiss is not so hygienic. But that negativity made him thinking positively. I will explain how. The congenital birth defects in the children is mainly caused by a virus "Human cytomegalovirus. It is usually inactive in nature. But during a French kiss, once the tongue touches against the teeth will give saliva a higher virus titer. It will enhance the activity of this virus and resulting in a sore throat without symptoms.
Once the virus attacks a body the antibodies will produce against its action so that it will not come again in the same person. If it attacks during the stage of pregnancy it will cause the congenital birth defects in the baby. So he suggests that prior to pregnancy if you get affected by the virus, during pregnancy there is the least chance of attack of this virus. So there is no chance of birth defects in the baby too. But you know the best part of the article is not finished yet. The author suggest that before planing for a child, you do French kisses not with one person but with as many as possible. Because it will increases the chance of attack of the Human cytomegalovirus. WHAT AN IDEA SIRJI..
I told what ever I felt. Now its your turn to make or not to make a French Kiss.


Can an American "brain" speak Hindi until the American speaks it?

Friday, November 19, 2010

I am here not to teach Hindi (National language of India)to an American. We all know that he can not speak out Hindi until and unless he learn that. But I have a doubt that without learning this language whether his brain can speak. I mean whether his brain is understanding this unknown language. Another nonsense it seems. Anyway I know I am interested to go behind the nonsense and always hopes for a sense.
I thing better to move with an example. The experiment which we are going to do should have some electrophysiological instruments. Here we are going to use EEG (Electroencephalograph). I know you all knew what it is. But I am forced to give a little description on this for those who lack this information. EEG is an electrophysiological instrument which we used to record the brain waves like alpha, beta, gamma and delta waves. These waves are formed when an external stimulation occur at different regions/ areas of the brain. When you sleep, dream, cry, laugh, make al different waves with different frequency will form. So each activities you can distinguish by looking at the recordings.
Ok. Now we can come back to the topic. You select a subject (person) who knows only English. Setup an EEG on the subject. Now we are ready to record the waves. First he will be asked with some questions using his own language. So that he can understand what we are asking. For example "what is your name?". In response to the question definitely some areas of brain will stimulate and will be recorded as waves.
Now the important part comes. He will be asked with questions using an unknown language. One should aware the question should be the exact translation of the previous question which we asked with his language. For example we can have a try on the above example. Just translate it into Hindi and that will be like this; "aap kaa naam kyaa hey?"(what is your name?). I am sure that even though he does not know the meaning of the sentence, while hearing these words, there must be some stimulations as well as electrical activities. We will get it as waves. Gather the results and check whether the areas stimulated and the waves created are the same, when the subject is asked with questions of similar meanings using different languages. If yes, Our Brain is a genius. that is An american brain can speak and respond to Hindi without learning it. What a concept if the condition exist!!


I have a foolish Hypothesis. Alzheimer is a result of memory shift among different areas in the brain

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Before you start reading let me tell you one thing. This is just an hypothesis from my mind. May be you will feel it as a nonsense. Anyway let me express it. As our growth progresses, all our organs and body parts also will increase their size upto a limit. After that what will happen? For example you just take the example of our skin. The cells still proliferate. But the old ones they shed to welcome the newcomers. Hair you can see after a period a lot of hair from all your body parts loses not because you are old but because of the arival of new hairs. The childhood teeth just give a way for the new strong teeth. These examples are just to state that the life-expired cells in our body has its own self mechanism of rejection. Suppose if some cells they remain as same then what will happen?
So now I am going to concentrate on our brain and memory...

1. What happens if the memory is full?
2. What happens if the same memory repeats?

Did you ever think about what if the memory become full in the brain? Once I thought of that and got a answer on this issue. Just think about a computer. What will happen if the memory is full? It would not work properly and will show memory full. At times we have to delete some data. That is one condition...
Next you think, what happens if we try to copy a file with a name similar to a file which is already exist in the computer? Then usually you will get some options. That is,
a. Do you want to replace the existing file?
b. Do not copy.
c. Copy but keep both

I think all of you knew this commands.

Now we can come to the reality. Just correlate the above statements with the brain. You can find various conditions. First what happens when the memory is full. All of you may be having a concept that the brain never fill. For that you will have an explanation that the most intelligent man used his 3% of his total brain (approx.). Yes you are right I am talking about Albert Einstein. But you do not go behind assumptions. Just think about your systems. Lung is filling with air, unwanted air is removing out. Stomach is filling, waste is removing out. Heart is filling with blood and pumping out both for the circulation as well as for the purification process. Urinary bladder fills that is maintained by the process of excretion. In blood excess fat, glucose everything is removed and kept it in stored forms. All these are occurring in our body then how our brain is excepted from this list. An average number of neurons in human species is 10 million to 1 trillion. But you should not that with this neurons one hundred billion connections are maintaining in an adult. In this synapses each neurons form synapse with 7000 synaptic connections to other neurons. In a child it is more (1 quadrillion) stabilizing by adulthood (100 to trillion). With this connection you can say after the adulthood there will not be any increase in the synaptic formation. As you know for the formation of memory, the synapse is a must. Even it is short term or Long term. So in a situation like the above (stabilization of Synapse) brain has to find some other solutions. As the neurons in the brain does not have the ability of regeneration, it will not destroy the cell. Rather it will try some other options as I mentioned before. That is, over writing or copy and will keep both. The former one is applicable if the memory is the same. Like you repeat a sentence and by-heart. That will improve the strength of the particular synapse. But the former is a bit different. According to me There is shift of memory from one area to another. Or one region to another region (parietal to occipital or to frontal regions).
        Everyone knows the child brain increase its mass along with the increase in the age. So whatever is stored during childhood will shift towards any of the other regions. In order to give a support to my statement I will tell you one example. If you take the case of Epileptic persons undergone commissurectomy (separation of corpus callosum) he will be affected by different problems. Identification, touch, comprehension are in one part of our brain and Speech, drawing are in the opposite region. So what will happen is, as the left and right brains are separated they will act as two different brains. If the subject  touches a pen with right hand will not produce the name as the speech area is situated in the opposite side. If you say the name of an object to the subject through left ear, he can not select the object from a group of objects. Because the identification, touch are at the opposite side. So once there is a proper connection between the areas one can regain the memory. Other than this, the word or name somebody pronounce to us should be stored in the particular area. For example we are calling mother from our childhood till our end. So you just think how many times a man repeats the word Mom. So it should be a long stable memory. But in some people we can see they did not even recognize their Mom. How it happens?
       I suggest as the age increases the the old memories buried under new memories or it may push forward to front or back. We knew that there is a boarder for each areas in the brain. It may be in length, breadth or in depth. That does not matter but once the pushing goes beyond this boundary ultimately the particular memory will be a stranger to the former area. For example a word Elephant is stored by a group of neurons as synapse in the speech area. After a long period as the new information do not have enough space for the occupation, the old ones start the movements or in other terms they will be pushed away from their original position. Once they cross the boundary of speech area its stability losses and the man even he identify the animal as elephant can not pronounce its name. SIMPLY HE FORGETS.. This may be a cause of memory loss in Alzheimer patients. May be he knows it but can not able to produce due to the unavailability of the data in the particular area. We can hope as in the Computer, the deleted data may be somewhere in the hard disk and we can regain it using some softwares. Like that one day I hope can find a software to unlock the hidden memories in the human.


The Journey before birth....!!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Before posting something I should say why am telling that the life is a journey. Everyman has his own point of view towards this topic. But I am not taking any views from anyone. Just to state something in the language of Science. The journey starts from a single cell. The sperm once collide with an ovum the journey begins. Even before this collision the sperm start a move just after the maturation (capacitation) with the help of a tail. It starts from epidedymis till the fallopian tube. The fertilization that is the collision I mentioned before occurs. Then the embryo start travel through different stages altogether we put it in a branch of science, embryology. Once the embryo form, all nutrients, gases, water, blood (everything that is essential for the nourishment) are travel from mother  to the embryo. Inside the upcoming child, all these components travel cell by cell leads to the growth. As the growth starts, all cells start travelling, which will lead to the formation of cluster of cells of the same kind (tissues) together constitute an organ and later an organ system and the organism. The organism (child) then start the travel to the earth..

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