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Being a HIV/ AIDS patient is not a sin.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

 As December 1st is " World AIDS Day" I would like to show you two sides of a similar topic. It is a news from a Malayalam news paper. The incident took place in a developing country India. There presently also the people with AIDS are treated as animals. They even avoid them, show hatredness and even forbid the education of the children of the AIDS patient. Such an educated, democratic country it is shameful that treating a group of people who got a disease with or without their knowledge. There is always a misunderstanding among the people that, those who are having the disease are used to do sex with a lot of people and thus they got the disease. But in reality most of the cases are reported as transmission of blood, unhealthy injecting methods etc. Some of them are getting it from their parents too.
The news above is about a man with AIDS. Only because of that the family put him in a room. Tied his legs with iron chains. Locked the grills from outside. They used to give food by throwing. As we treat street dogs. They continued it for two years!! What will be the condition of that man. As we all know an AIDS patient should maintain healthy diet, environment, cleanliness as it is not a disease but a cluster of different syndromes. It just reduce the immunity and the other diseases will attack the patient. So if they provide good food, water and all, there may be an improvement in that man. But instead when he was released he is almost at the boarder of madness.
So you may thing that if the people of a developing country like India are doing such things, what will be the condition of people of poor country.
 Let me tell you whats up there. It is in Nigeria. There is a matrimonial website for those who are suffering from HIV/AIDS. The project is controlled by three people, that is Dr.Saidu Ahamed Dumbulwa (Project coordinator), Mr. Martius Ememblems(field manager and head of councelling, REACH project) and Asamu Ibrahim Maifada (website coordiantor).
The aims and objectives for setting up HIV/AIDS MATRIMONIAL WEBSITE are iterated below

1. The goal of the project is to provide a way of making PLWHA’S (PeopleLivingWithHIV/AIDS) live comfortable and attaining to their desired social needs

2. To educate computer literate populace on HIV/AIDS(on- line HIV/AIDS counselling)

The Objectives are:    

1. Control of spread of HIV infection and caring for PLWHA’S (Strategy to prevention for computer literate)

2. Provide march-making program to solve the problem of denial to marriage and to found family among people living with HIV/AIDS

3. Provide information, raise awareness, and stimulate discussion on HIV/AIDS

4. Provide new pattern of HIV/AIDS Counselling (online), that will be beneficial to the busy working class Nigerians

So controversial is not it? In some part the people treating AIDS as a sin and at the same time another people they seen it as a disease and try to cure it by treating them equal and helping them to rise in the society.
Let me tell all  my people that 90 % of the HIV patients suffering AIDS not because of their mistake. So please try to treat them like one among us. Being diseased is not a sin. But being diseased heart and mind is a sin.

Let me conclude the topic with the captions given in the matrimonial,
" Being HIV positive is not the end of the world. You can still have a happy married life"



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