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Can an American "brain" speak Hindi until the American speaks it?

Friday, November 19, 2010

I am here not to teach Hindi (National language of India)to an American. We all know that he can not speak out Hindi until and unless he learn that. But I have a doubt that without learning this language whether his brain can speak. I mean whether his brain is understanding this unknown language. Another nonsense it seems. Anyway I know I am interested to go behind the nonsense and always hopes for a sense.
I thing better to move with an example. The experiment which we are going to do should have some electrophysiological instruments. Here we are going to use EEG (Electroencephalograph). I know you all knew what it is. But I am forced to give a little description on this for those who lack this information. EEG is an electrophysiological instrument which we used to record the brain waves like alpha, beta, gamma and delta waves. These waves are formed when an external stimulation occur at different regions/ areas of the brain. When you sleep, dream, cry, laugh, make al different waves with different frequency will form. So each activities you can distinguish by looking at the recordings.
Ok. Now we can come back to the topic. You select a subject (person) who knows only English. Setup an EEG on the subject. Now we are ready to record the waves. First he will be asked with some questions using his own language. So that he can understand what we are asking. For example "what is your name?". In response to the question definitely some areas of brain will stimulate and will be recorded as waves.
Now the important part comes. He will be asked with questions using an unknown language. One should aware the question should be the exact translation of the previous question which we asked with his language. For example we can have a try on the above example. Just translate it into Hindi and that will be like this; "aap kaa naam kyaa hey?"(what is your name?). I am sure that even though he does not know the meaning of the sentence, while hearing these words, there must be some stimulations as well as electrical activities. We will get it as waves. Gather the results and check whether the areas stimulated and the waves created are the same, when the subject is asked with questions of similar meanings using different languages. If yes, Our Brain is a genius. that is An american brain can speak and respond to Hindi without learning it. What a concept if the condition exist!!



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