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Do as much as French Kiss you can.Protect your baby from congenital birth defects!!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

I think this will be pretty interesting to the viewers. Recently I read an article on French Kiss. Actually I read it not because it is on French kiss, but the way he presented it. Before I talk about the topic I am going to give a general Idea about our mouth. We all know our mouth contain a lot of microorganisms especially bacteria. If you go for a survey will get a shock. Around 500- 1000 different species of bacteria are present in our mouth. Now you will think that everyday I am brushing my teeth twice. Let me tell you one thing, Those who care for their teeth and have relatively clean mouth have 1000 to 100,000 bacteria living on each tooth. Those who do not have a clean mouth have between 500 million to 1 billion bacteria on each tooth. So as you think if you do a mouth to mouth kiss there is 100 % chance of transferring these bacteria from one to another. Let me tell you one thing these bacteria include both harmful and harmless species. Those who are harmful definitely cause oral diseases.
Other than bacteria there is a chance of virus attack too. Virus need some medium to activate itself. They will be always in an inactive state until it get a medium to get a threshold. So at times mouth act as a better surface for their activities.
So the viruses as well as bacteria can be spread through saliva or a mouth to mouth kiss.
For example flu virus, cold virus, periodontal diseases (Porphyromonas gingivalis), venereal diseases, Candida albicans can spread even through sharing a food stuff, cigarette, glass of water etc. There is disease Mononucleosis known among teenagers commonly called as "Kissing disease" due to the saliva exchange. So all these points are suggesting that a French kiss is not good for our hygiene.
But what I read is like touching the nose indirectly. The author himself know French kiss is not so hygienic. But that negativity made him thinking positively. I will explain how. The congenital birth defects in the children is mainly caused by a virus "Human cytomegalovirus. It is usually inactive in nature. But during a French kiss, once the tongue touches against the teeth will give saliva a higher virus titer. It will enhance the activity of this virus and resulting in a sore throat without symptoms.
Once the virus attacks a body the antibodies will produce against its action so that it will not come again in the same person. If it attacks during the stage of pregnancy it will cause the congenital birth defects in the baby. So he suggests that prior to pregnancy if you get affected by the virus, during pregnancy there is the least chance of attack of this virus. So there is no chance of birth defects in the baby too. But you know the best part of the article is not finished yet. The author suggest that before planing for a child, you do French kisses not with one person but with as many as possible. Because it will increases the chance of attack of the Human cytomegalovirus. WHAT AN IDEA SIRJI..
I told what ever I felt. Now its your turn to make or not to make a French Kiss.



Amritha said...

two sides of a coin..........pretty interesting

AMJITH said...

you are such a genius.. to have all these assumptions and hypothesizes are culminating from that small MAD head. really fantastic and interesting. carry on

Arjun said...

Thank you my dear ones for your support and encouragements. Please continue.

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