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I fell in love with aerobics..!!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Recently I joined in an aerobics training. What I will say about that. An awesome experience. We will feel uncomfortable while doing some nasty exercises daily. But I found that this one is particularly designed in such a way that every day we will have a quest for doing that. The first thing is we are just maintaining the body pace or rhythm along with music. We just feel we are just enjoying a music and performing a dance. But the thing is we are going through different phases of exercises. Everyday we will feel the freshness. Night we will get a good sleep. We can easily identify the energy flow throughout our body.
An aerobics we can defined as a physical exercise that combines rhythmic  aerobic exercise with stretching and strength training routines with the goal of improving all elements of fitness (flexibility, muscular strength and cardio-vascular fitness). Usually it performs with music and in groups. 
Aerobic means "with oxygen", that is with the use of oxygen in the body's metabolic or energy generating process. During this glycogen will convert into glucose and it will react with Oxygen and form carbon dioxide and water by a process called Krebs cycle.
Now a days it takes more attention from the public that it is one of the best way to improve our health. You can maintain your body weight and flexibility. Other than this it will strengthen the respiratory muscles, so that the lung capacity will have an increase. And also it will strengthen and enlarge the heart muscles and there will be an increase in the blood pumping and circulation. It will reduce blood pressure and heart beat during a relaxed condition. There will be a tremendous increase in the red blood cells and so the transport of oxygen. 
Other than the physical fitness it will improve our mental health. It will reduce stress and lower the incidence of depression.
Some diseases like diabetes, osteoporosis can be controlled by this. It will also stimulate the bone growth.

There are different kinds of Aerobics 

Low impact aerobics
There exist people, who can't perform high intensity workout, because maybe they have some health problems or their poor health conditions. For such people, low impact aerobics is the precise workout choice. Low impact aerobic exercise comprehends rhythmic movements, with exercising of the large muscle groups.

Water aerobics

Water aerobic exercises are an agreeable way to exercise over the hot summers. Maybe the work out can seem like one splashing surrounding the pool waters, yet those who are seriously into water aerobic exercise claim it's an excellent method to burn out unwanted flab from the body and build inner strength. In effect, health experts declare that the water aerobic exercise is good for people ailing from arthritis and other problems many times.

Step aerobics

This kind of exercise is a newer version and interesting technique of aerobics. Conventional aerobics are practiced on the floor: you discover a series of dance steps such as the Pony or the Jazz Square, which are often done in four, two steps taking you in one direction, two more taking you the other direction.

Dance aerobics 

Aerobic dance integrates exercise and dance movements into routines that are practiced with the music. Many dance ways are used, including ballet, jazz, and disco. Aerobic dance classes integrate fat-burning aerobics with develop of the muscle and stretching exercises. There is no jumping around in low-impact aerobic dance. Your foot is on the ground all times. This kind of aerobic is slower and it is simpler to do than intermediate and advanced classes.

Sports aerobics

Sport Aerobics is a hard and competitive sport that has a singular connection of aerobic choreography and gymnastics elements. This sport generate a chance for adolescents, and adult individuals to compete in a sport that demands less risk than gymnastics while keeping the artistic quality and fun of aerobics. 

So if somebody asks me which is the best way to maintain our body health, I will definitely prefer to tell Aerobics. Once you start to do it, you will really feel the difference. So let us make a try..?, Wikipedia.


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