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I have a foolish Hypothesis. Alzheimer is a result of memory shift among different areas in the brain

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Before you start reading let me tell you one thing. This is just an hypothesis from my mind. May be you will feel it as a nonsense. Anyway let me express it. As our growth progresses, all our organs and body parts also will increase their size upto a limit. After that what will happen? For example you just take the example of our skin. The cells still proliferate. But the old ones they shed to welcome the newcomers. Hair you can see after a period a lot of hair from all your body parts loses not because you are old but because of the arival of new hairs. The childhood teeth just give a way for the new strong teeth. These examples are just to state that the life-expired cells in our body has its own self mechanism of rejection. Suppose if some cells they remain as same then what will happen?
So now I am going to concentrate on our brain and memory...

1. What happens if the memory is full?
2. What happens if the same memory repeats?

Did you ever think about what if the memory become full in the brain? Once I thought of that and got a answer on this issue. Just think about a computer. What will happen if the memory is full? It would not work properly and will show memory full. At times we have to delete some data. That is one condition...
Next you think, what happens if we try to copy a file with a name similar to a file which is already exist in the computer? Then usually you will get some options. That is,
a. Do you want to replace the existing file?
b. Do not copy.
c. Copy but keep both

I think all of you knew this commands.

Now we can come to the reality. Just correlate the above statements with the brain. You can find various conditions. First what happens when the memory is full. All of you may be having a concept that the brain never fill. For that you will have an explanation that the most intelligent man used his 3% of his total brain (approx.). Yes you are right I am talking about Albert Einstein. But you do not go behind assumptions. Just think about your systems. Lung is filling with air, unwanted air is removing out. Stomach is filling, waste is removing out. Heart is filling with blood and pumping out both for the circulation as well as for the purification process. Urinary bladder fills that is maintained by the process of excretion. In blood excess fat, glucose everything is removed and kept it in stored forms. All these are occurring in our body then how our brain is excepted from this list. An average number of neurons in human species is 10 million to 1 trillion. But you should not that with this neurons one hundred billion connections are maintaining in an adult. In this synapses each neurons form synapse with 7000 synaptic connections to other neurons. In a child it is more (1 quadrillion) stabilizing by adulthood (100 to trillion). With this connection you can say after the adulthood there will not be any increase in the synaptic formation. As you know for the formation of memory, the synapse is a must. Even it is short term or Long term. So in a situation like the above (stabilization of Synapse) brain has to find some other solutions. As the neurons in the brain does not have the ability of regeneration, it will not destroy the cell. Rather it will try some other options as I mentioned before. That is, over writing or copy and will keep both. The former one is applicable if the memory is the same. Like you repeat a sentence and by-heart. That will improve the strength of the particular synapse. But the former is a bit different. According to me There is shift of memory from one area to another. Or one region to another region (parietal to occipital or to frontal regions).
        Everyone knows the child brain increase its mass along with the increase in the age. So whatever is stored during childhood will shift towards any of the other regions. In order to give a support to my statement I will tell you one example. If you take the case of Epileptic persons undergone commissurectomy (separation of corpus callosum) he will be affected by different problems. Identification, touch, comprehension are in one part of our brain and Speech, drawing are in the opposite region. So what will happen is, as the left and right brains are separated they will act as two different brains. If the subject  touches a pen with right hand will not produce the name as the speech area is situated in the opposite side. If you say the name of an object to the subject through left ear, he can not select the object from a group of objects. Because the identification, touch are at the opposite side. So once there is a proper connection between the areas one can regain the memory. Other than this, the word or name somebody pronounce to us should be stored in the particular area. For example we are calling mother from our childhood till our end. So you just think how many times a man repeats the word Mom. So it should be a long stable memory. But in some people we can see they did not even recognize their Mom. How it happens?
       I suggest as the age increases the the old memories buried under new memories or it may push forward to front or back. We knew that there is a boarder for each areas in the brain. It may be in length, breadth or in depth. That does not matter but once the pushing goes beyond this boundary ultimately the particular memory will be a stranger to the former area. For example a word Elephant is stored by a group of neurons as synapse in the speech area. After a long period as the new information do not have enough space for the occupation, the old ones start the movements or in other terms they will be pushed away from their original position. Once they cross the boundary of speech area its stability losses and the man even he identify the animal as elephant can not pronounce its name. SIMPLY HE FORGETS.. This may be a cause of memory loss in Alzheimer patients. May be he knows it but can not able to produce due to the unavailability of the data in the particular area. We can hope as in the Computer, the deleted data may be somewhere in the hard disk and we can regain it using some softwares. Like that one day I hope can find a software to unlock the hidden memories in the human.



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