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The Journey before birth....!!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Before posting something I should say why am telling that the life is a journey. Everyman has his own point of view towards this topic. But I am not taking any views from anyone. Just to state something in the language of Science. The journey starts from a single cell. The sperm once collide with an ovum the journey begins. Even before this collision the sperm start a move just after the maturation (capacitation) with the help of a tail. It starts from epidedymis till the fallopian tube. The fertilization that is the collision I mentioned before occurs. Then the embryo start travel through different stages altogether we put it in a branch of science, embryology. Once the embryo form, all nutrients, gases, water, blood (everything that is essential for the nourishment) are travel from mother  to the embryo. Inside the upcoming child, all these components travel cell by cell leads to the growth. As the growth starts, all cells start travelling, which will lead to the formation of cluster of cells of the same kind (tissues) together constitute an organ and later an organ system and the organism. The organism (child) then start the travel to the earth..


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