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A Lab Human in an animal kingdom- A fairy tale..!!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

It is just a story. All the characters are imaginary.
Yesterday I saw a man running with fear. He was so tired and exhausted. I asked him why he was running. Then he started telling the story. He is from the planet earth. Once a group of scientists from another planet "animal kingdom" caught a group of young male and female human beings and taken to their territory for doing some scientific experiments. He explained that in that planet there is an organization called as human ethical committee. They are the one who give the permission to do experiments on humans.The first day they put all the humans in separate cages and provided food and water. Each week they analyzed the weight, blood tests etc. Once they started the experiments, the conditions become worst. These animal scientists they are so cruel that sometimes they do experiments without giving anesthesia. They usually do some experiments in that even the life of the human may lose. You know the interesting thing is that whenever the number decreases they mixes the male and female in a single cage and induce breeding. The worst part is they use these infants also for some diseases which can be transfer from parent to offspring. If somebody argue that these experiments should be banned., they are telling the excuse that they only breed these humans so they have the right to kill them.
The man explained the conditions in the lab. In some applied research they mutate some genes in human and will cause severe diseases and they try to cure it. They inject viruses and bacteria. Some times they even block the blood flow to the brain. Another experiment called Xenotransplantation in which they try to transfer organs from different species to the human. He tells that some of his companions were died due to this dangerous method. Some of them are suffered serious injuries. The worst part was the toxicology testing. The peculiarity of these experiments are the human never given with anesthesia. They are directly given with some pesticides and other poisonous chemicals. He is telling that the humans will die second by second because of this slow poisoning.
The cruelty of these animal scientists did not finish yet. 
They put ultraviolet rays on the skin of these poor humans so that they can study about mutagenecity. Most of them got skin cancer. A lot of them died. To study behavior they fit metal clips on the either side of the head and provide low and high voltage shocks. An infant just after his birth was removed from his mother and left alone with his eyelids sewn shut, and a sonar sensor on his head, as part of an experiment to test sensory substitution devices for blind animals. Humans had undergone surgery to induce a stroke, and were left alone after the procedure for 15 hours overnight. Researchers had trained the humans to perform certain tasks before inflicting brain damage and re-testing them. The humans were only given food and water for two hours a day, to encourage them to perform the tasks. Some humans to their head some metal cylinders are screwed by these scientists. Some are left without giving proper attention or pain killers after a surgery for several hours. Even in some cases, eye balls are removed and kept them in the cages as such. In some human-testing center, making humans dance in time to blaring pop music, handling them roughly, and screaming at them. The humans were kept isolated in small wire cages with little or no natural light, no environmental enrichment, and high noise levels from staff shouting and playing the radio. All these are taking place infront of the authority. But the animal scientists are telling that only animals feel pain and the humans never feel pain as they are unconscious in nature. But the fact is that even if we inject or make a wound on the human, he / she will suffer the same pain as the animals feel. But the whole animal scientists believe that they have the right to kill humans as they are the one who breed them and invest a lot of grants on them. 

NOTE: It is estimated that every year approximately 50 to 100 million vertebrate animals are used for the experimental studies. Estimate mice and rats used in US alone are almost 80 million every year. Most of them are sacrificed after the experiments.



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