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Oh my baby eat eat can earn 50 % more salary in future than your poor friends..!!!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

My dear friends today I have a nice stuff for you. Do you think, as much as you eat in your childhood can increase your wages? Most of you will laugh and think that what a concept it is. Even I too think once I started reading the paper. But unfortunately I forced to agree with this statement. Actually it is a paper published in a British Journal, THE LANCET. It is based on a study among the Guatemalan males. It took three decades (30 years) to complete the research work. It shows it was not a funny work. Rather its a result of hardships by a group of scientists.
The study shows that giving babies nutritious food could increase their earning power as adults. In 1970s they selected some new born babies for the work. They separated them into two groups. They fed one group with high nutritious food. Another group was given with less nutritious food. This feeding long upto three years. Then they stopped feeding and waited for a long period to attain the feed back. After 30 years they studied the present status of those babies (turned to adults). They got an amazing result. Those who had been well fed soon after they were born earned almost 50% more than those who had not. The scientist suggested that to increase economic growth of a person as well as a country we should well feed the children.
But my dear mothers by reading this you do not try to increase your baby's future salary into a 100% increase. Because for earning you need your baby to be alive. So feed your baby normally with a healthy diet. As all know if you have a healthy body and mind the wealth will come automatically. Anyway I felt the study is an interesting one and I think it has a social relevance that all government should have a glance at those who are dying by hunger. Just feed them NOT TO INCREASE THE SALARY BUT TO KEEP THEM this earth. Because they have the equal right to leave like others.



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