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When your high heel shoes start biting your heel..!!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Suppose you purchased a pair of shoes and wore it. If your heel of the foot is significantly higher than the toes, then it is High heeled shoes/ footwear.
According to the high-fashion shoe websites like Jimmy Choo and Gucci  a "low heel" is considered less than 2.5" (6 centimeters), while heels between 2.5" and 3.5" (8.5 centimeters) are considered as ' mid heels' and anything over that is considered as "high heels".
As all knew that the high heels will give the ladies a different appearance, personality and sometime help to seek attention from a crowd. But you should know that along with these they attracts some diseases to the wearer. 

Usually those who wear two inch heels (or higher) five or more days a week shrinks a womens calf muscle fibers by 13%, on average. It also thickens the Achilles tendon which joins the calf muscle to the heel by 22%. When you wear a high heel, the distance between heel and calf muscle will increase. There is a stretch in the muscles as well as the tendon and create a tension. The design of the high heels make you to stand in such a way that all your body weight will concentrate on the ball of your foot and toes, thus damage the underlying soft tissues.
It will also cause Blisters, Corns, Hammer toes, Bunions (hallux valgus), Morton's neuroma, which are permanent and require surgery to alleviate the pain. The improper constructing of the toe box can damage one's foot. It will even cause the back pain. The last problem is that you can easily break your ankles once you fall from that.
There some solutions also to solve the problems. 
1. The first one is to avoid long steps. That is when you make a short step, it will reduce the chance of pulling of muscles. 
2. The second one is to change the height of your heel, two day in a row. So that the muscle will not experience the same tension for a long period. It will help to prevent the damage of the tendons and the muscles.
3. The last method is to shift, support and stretch. That is if you are wearing high heel shoes continuously for a long period (like a long function) you try to shift the weight to both of the feet. Stand with one leg bent and change the position through out the period. At the end of that day stretch out calves, hamstrings and lower backs.
You can even use some high heeled shoes with cushioning. It will protect your joints.

So before you start to use high heeled footwear, think once.. Sometimes your favorite footwear may start biting your foot and health.  

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