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Whenever you throw a piece of food, a child is dying somewhere with hunger..a forgotten crisis.

Monday, November 22, 2010

I do not know whether today's topic you will mind. But let me tell you one thing. Its a story about two children from two different countries. One from a poor country (A) and one from one of the richest country(B). Both of them will narrate a topic. So I think this is the best time to start.
"A" says: 
I am a native from Somalia. I live in a refuge camp with my family. In my camp almost 350 families (approx. 2000 people) are living. You can not find a single family that eats more than once a day. Like this a lot of camps are there in my country. More than three million Somalis- roughly half of the country population are facing a food crisis. Up to 70% of the rural population are threatened by shortage of food. About 36% of children are underweight, with one in six is suffering from acute malnutrition, according to the United Nation Children Fund (UNICEF). Every year UNICEF they provide 4,200,00 tones(1tones=2200 pounds) food to the total country as a rescue mission. That is one of the reason of our existence in this earth.
B says:
I am an American. I like ice creams especially Vanilla flavor. If I do not like I will throw it. I used to take three burgers, even though I can eat single. Rest I will leave it. I am so proud to say about wasting the food. This is not only me but also the whole country who waste too much food items. Recently US Department of Agriculture's Economic research Service did a study on food wastage in my country. About 96 billion pounds(100 pounds= 45 kg), or more than a quarter of the 356 billion pounds of edible food available for human conception in United States, was lost to human use by food retailer, consumers and food service establishments. It include 16 billion pounds of milk and 14 billion pounds of grain. So I can tell you that each year almost one fifth of America's food, with an estimate 130 pounds per person ending up in land fills. This is the beautiful story of mine.
I think you read the two stories. Did you realize something. A poor country suffering from a food crisis. On the other hand a rich country simply dump the food every year. I am not criticizes America but this is a common trend seen in all developed and developing countries. According to the study done by World Hunger Education Society, in our world almost 925 million people are suffering hunger. But the pathetic side is in a single year America alone wastes a huge amount of edible food with that we could have been fed 49 million people. In UK "8.3 million tones" of food is thrown by the house holds.The point is a country like Somalia needs only 420000 tones of food to wipe out the hunger of the entire population. So what I have to suggest is it is not the problem of the country but the problem of a citizen in the country. We may have lots of money, extra food, dress, house. Wasting of food may not affect you in anyway. But just think about the situation. In the same world some people are dying with hunger and here you are searching for your favorite flavor. If you waste 100 gm food one day will not make a difference. But if all people in your country waste 100 gm then will it make a big difference? 
So there we are. Please try to reduce the wastage of food. You take whatever you want. But make sure that you do not waste a single drop of food. Think together and act together to wipe out the food wastage and through that the hunger.



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