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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Today is an important day in my life. My blog " My Journey" turn to have a new title, new style and new contents. Till today I used to blog some special news or events that I got from different sources. But now I have decided to come out from this meaningless posting and have chosen a different way of blogging. As my profession is teaching,why shouldn't I blog my lectures and views in a better way so that all may get good informations about the science branch "Human Physiology". I started this journey with a post named "The Journey Before Birth " and now I am planning to continue the blog with essentials in Physiology. As Physiology is being a part of our life, my intention is to provide you all, the basic as well as the complex information in an easy manner, so that the ordinary people can be aware of what is happening in their own body. I will post small topics and you can slowly build up the knowledge post by post. If you have any questions regarding the portions you can post there and I will try to solve it for you. So I need all your support to make it a success. So let me continue this Journey..A Journey endless journey.. So be ready to attend the classes.
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So I hope you all will enjoy my class.
 With Love 


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