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Study this for today.I will come with new words tomorrow

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Before starting the course., We can start with some basics. So I begin with some common words in the field of medicine and Basic sciences. So that you can develop a strong medical vocabulary.

logy- study of
Embryo/logy = Study of the development of an embryo

Bio/logy ; bio (life) = study of the living thing (life)

Anatomy; tomy(cutting) ; anatomy = study of structure and the relationship of body parts

Physio/logy - Physio (nature and function ) = study of functions of body systems

Histo/ logy ; histo (tissue) = study of the structure, composition and functions of tissues 

Patho/logy ; Patho (disease) = the study deals with the diseases and the changes they produce in the body

So see you tomorrow. Study these words. I will come with some words from Surgery and dentistry tomorrow.

courtesy: Peggy C. Leonard, M.T., M.Ed


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