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From my childhood I have an ambition to become a great artist. In sixth standard when I got an admission in a residential school, in the application I wrote my carrier as an Engineer. When my friend's father filled a medical and Engineering form for me my ambition was to be a doctor or engineer. But when I got a chance in the architecture I dreamed to be an architect. When I missed it I jointed in a degree college for BSc.Zoology. I worked in an Insurance company along with my studies. I entered into my adulthood there. After finishing I jointed in a private sales company. It was a book selling firm. After that I jointed in a telecommunication industry as marketing Sales executive. Worked with my father in furniture industry. One year gone. Then got a solid aim and jointed Master of Science programme in Human Physiology. I went for catering as well as worked in a canteen in the town along with my studies. An ambition or aim to do Research rooted deeply in the mind. After finishing Masters I got an opportunity to teach nursing students as a guest lecturer. While working there I got a job where presently I am working. I work as Lecturer in Physiology in International Medical and Technological University. I teach Physiology Mbbs, Nursing and MLT. Even though I am happy with my current status, trying hard to achieve my ambition. That is to become a scientist. I know one day I will. Because my life made me what I am. As Paulo Coelho wrote in his famous Alchemist,

    ·It's the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting.
    ·Never stop dreaming.
   ·When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.
I  really believe in this and doing my best.

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